Website color psychology basics

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April 12, 2018

Website color psychology basics

The role of color psychology in marketing is an important one. Going over all the details would take way too long, so here are the most important basics you need to know.

Color associations are powerful. We develop them when we’re infants, and they usually stay with us for life. These associations are instinctive and often subconscious.

Many of these associations are fairly universal. For example, everyone learns to associate green with leaves and nature and yellow with the sun.

However, some are cultural. One study found that Americans associate envy with black, green, and red, while Russians thought black, purple, and yellow were the envious colors.

Red: Coca-Cola or Nintendo – Implies excitement or happiness
Orange: Nickelodeon or Fanta – Implies a friendly, fun time is ahead
Yellow: Nikon or McDonalds – Implies optimism and happiness
Green: Whole Foods or Animal Planet – Implies freshness and nature
Blue: Walmart or American Express – Implies dependability and reassurance
Purple: Hallmark or Cadbury – Implies a distinguished brand that has a history of quality
Brown: Nespresso or UPS – Implies a reliable product that can be used by anyone
Black: Chanel or Adidas – Implies luxury or elegance
White: Apple or Nike – Implies sleek, user-friendly products

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